Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello Fresh Squeezed Stamps friends!  Amy K. here mid week with you sharing a non-traditional engagement card.  We have some friends that got engaged recently so this card is going to them to congratulate them!

I've used 3 different Fresh Squeezed Stamps to make this card:  Breath of Fresh Flair, String Me Along, and You Said It, Sister.  I love mixing and matching stamps from more life to your sets!

If you are wondering where the little heart came from, well.......I did some creative surgery on the envelope stamp from String Me Along.  I wanted the little heart by itself to use on things other than the envelope.  Don't worry, it still can be used "on" the envelope as it was designed.  :)

Breath of Fresh Flair

String Me Along

You Said It, Sister

Enjoy your day!!!